Empowerment program for young women

iGirl is an empowerment program designed to provide young women with a safe place to discover the I within themselves through self-awareness, self-confidence and personal goals.

Empowerment for young women

Discover the I in You

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About Us

The organization was founded by Essence Marsh and Lateisha (Missy) Bolden in 2014. Essence and Missy both serve as owners and co-CEOs where they oversee the program’s operation. Their responsibilities include management of all iGirl’s operating model and other duties as needed. Both leaders are passionate about empowering young women to succeed.


Upcoming Events

self-awareness and personal goals

Our Mission

iGirl provides young women with a safe place to discover the I within themselves through self-awareness, self-confidence, and personal goals. 


Our mission guides our choices and decisions. iGirl fulfills this commitment by:

  • ​Increasing self-confidence

  • Improving communication

  • ​Increasing self-awareness

  • Impacting society

  • ​Identifying goals

  • Inspiring individuality


Our Values

Our goal is that every young lady that attends an iGirl event will receive the full iGirl experience and walk away with increased self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem through the journey that starts within. We believe that personal growth, integrity, and community are key attributes to overall success. 


We want every iGirl to establish long-lasting friendships and gain exposure to mentors to help guide them on their journey of fulfilling their dreams and goals.   ​


Personal Growth


iGirl plans to accomplishes all these things through


Our Vision

We envision that all young ladies that attend an iGirl experience will embrace the journey that starts within. She will be empowered to discover her authentic self by engaging in virtual and in-person events.  


We envision iGirl will have and be mentors, role models, and leaders that are the voices of encouragement for all girls and other organizations.

Our vision drives us to take action.

Contact Us

If you have questions about our program or services, we would love to answer them. Please fill out the information on this form and we will respond within 24 hours.








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